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Joes Dances

Thinkin I'm Drinkin
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Crank It Up
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Tyson's Stomp

Ready To Rock

No One, No One, No One
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Country Jukebox
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Honky Tonk Stomp (Aug 09)

Come And Play (Oct 09)

Groovy Little Dance (Mar 10)

Turn You On (Mar 11)

The Right Track (Sep 11)

Dirty Little Freak (Sep 11)

Wrecked  (Apr 12)


1-2-3-4  (Sep 11)

1,2,3 Summertime

2 Nite (Aug 11)

6 Months and 18 Days

12 Ounces (Jan 10)


1929  (Jun 12)

50 Ways  (Oct 12)

5150  (Aug 12)

99% Angel (Sep 12)

A Top Of Page

A Drink In My Hand  (Dec 11)

A Little Jiggle   (Mar 13)

A Little Party  (Feb 14)

A Real Womens Cha Cha (Sep 10)

A Steel Guitar & A Glass Of Wine(Aug09)

AB - Alright, Already  (Sep 12)

AB Bobbi (Feb 11)

A-B Chilli Cha  (Nov 13)

Abee Honey Bee (Jan 12)

Action   (Jun 13)


After 5 Stomp

After Midnight

After Party

Ah Si

Ain't Gonna Stop

Alabama Slammin' (Aug 11)

All Aboard

All About Tonight (July 10)

All Night Long (Sep 10)

Alligator Rock (May 10)

All Summer Long


Amame Por Dos (Aug 10) Partner

American Stomp  (Sep 12)

Amor Die Hielo

Anticipation(May 09)

Anything Goes (Jan 10)


Apple Bottom Jeans(May 09)

Apple Pie and Hillbillies

Am I

As Good As I Once Was

Askin' Questions (Dec 09)

Ave Maria

Aw Naw  (Sep 13)

B Top Of Page


Baby Bird (Aug 10)

Baby Blues

Baby Burlesque (May 11)

Baby Come On

Baby Dance With Me  (Sep 12)

Baby I Like It (Sep 10)

Baby Nimby (Feb 11)

Baby's Got Dancing Feet (May 09)

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Backstreet Attitude (Jan 10)

Back In Time (Nov 11)

Back In Time (Workshop Jul 12)

Back It Up    (Nov 12)

Back Track  (Oct 12)

Back To Black    (Jun 13)

Back When

Bad Attitude

Bad Girl, That Girl  (Jan 14)

Bad Influence (Dec 09)


Bally's Mambo

Bang Bang   (Sep 12)

Beautiful In My Eyes  (Aug 12)

Been There Done That

Beethoven's Boogie  (May 14)

Beer Ago-Go  (May 12)

Beer For My Horses (Mar 11)

Beer Goggles

Beginner Rock  (Sep 13)

Being Mr. Mom

Be My Baby Now  (Feb 14)

Be Strong

Beyond Your Eyes (Aug 11)

Big Daddy

Billy B Bad (Mar 10)

The Billy

Bittersweet Memory (May 11)

Black Coffee

Black Magic  (May 14)

Bling Bling Cowboy

Blood, Sweat & Beer  (Jan 14)

Blue Night Cha (Jan 11)

Blue Note (Mar 11)

Blue Rose Couples (Mar 10)

Blurry Lines   (Jun 13)

Blusher (May 09)

BMT (June 10)

Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp  (Mar 14)

Bobbi With An I (Mar 10)

Body Cha (May 09)

Body to Body

Bomshel Stomp

Boot Scootin Boogie

Booty Chuk (Aug 13)

Bop the B

Born 2 Dance (Feb 09)

Born This Way (May 11)

Bosa Nova

Bossy A Little Bit(June 09)

Bounce Bounce  (Feb 13)

Box it Up (Oct 10)


Brazil Bailar (Jun 09)

Bread and Butter

Brewery Boogie  (Nov 11)

Bring Me Down (Feb 11)

Broken Stones (May 10)

Brown Chicken Brown Cow (Jun 11)

Buck Wild Stomp (Mar 10)

Buck Wild Stomp - Partner (Dec 10)

Buffalo Boogie

Bump and Grind

Burlesque (Feb 11)

Bust A Move (Jul 10)


Butter Beans


Buzz Me    (Jun 13)

C Top Of Page

Caballero (Oct 11)

Cab Driver

Cabo San Lucas

Cajun Cross

Cajun Thang


California Coast

Call Me Baby  (Jan 13)

Canadian Stomp

Canadian Stroll (Aug 10)

Can You Feel It

Can't You See (You Belong to Me) (Feb 10)

Captured By Love

Care  (Feb 12)

Carolina Stroll (Partner) - (May 10)

Catch the Rain

Celtic Cross (Partner)

Cha Cha Conchita(June 09)

Cha Cha Espana  (Oct 11)

Cha Cha With Me

Chachanela  (Oct 11)


Chasin' Rodeo(July 09)

Chasin' Rodeo First Step (July 09)

Cheap Talk   (Aug 13)

Cheeky Cha

Cherry Chapstick (May 09)

Chill Factor


Clap For The DJ  (May 13)

Clap Happy !  (Nov 13)

Clap Your Hands


Coastal Cruisin

Coffee For Two - Partner (Sep 10)

Come Dance With Me

Come Dance With Me - Partner (June 10)

Come On And Dance  (May 13)

Come Together 2013  (Apr 13)

Coming Out

Cool Jerk 2010 - (Sep 10)

Cool Whip

Cooler Online

Country As A Boy Can Be
(June 09)

Country As Can Be (Feb 11)

Country Girl

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Casanova (Oct 09)

Cowboy Casanova 4-2 - Partner (Aug 10)

Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy Merengue Partner - (May 10)

Cowboy Rhythm

Cowboy Yoddle Song  (Mar 12)

Coyote Cha Cha - Partner (May 10)

Cranky (July 09)

Crazy Amazing (August 09)

Crazy Foot Mambo

Crazy People - Partner (Aug 10)

Crazy Stomp (July 10)

Creepin'  (Oct 11)



Cry Cry Cry    (Jun 13)

Cry To Me

Cupid Shuffle

Cut A Rug

Cutie  (Sep 12)

Cute, Cute, Cute

D Top Of Page

Daddy's Honky Tonk  (Dec 13)

Dance Again  (May 12)

Dance Feeva

Dance Like You're The Only One

Dance With Me Tonight  (Jun 12)

Dance Zone

Dancing In The Dark (Oct 10)

Dancing Tonight (Feb 11)

Dancin' Fool (June 10)

Dark Side (Workshop Jul 12)

Dare 2 Luv

Dem Jeans   (Feb 13)

Desperado Wrap Partner - (May 10)

Detroit City  (Jan 14)


Diamonds Make Babies  (Mar 12)

Did You Ever

Different Shoes (June 10)

Ding Ding Dong

Dirty Dancing(Aug 09)

Disappearing Tail Lights  (Mar 13)

Divisadero Cha


Do Wop Be Do Be Do

Do You Love Me

Dog-Gone Blues(Aug 10)

Don't Do Me This Way (Jun 11)

Don't Cry On My Shoulder

Don't Drink The Water (Jun11)

Don't Rush  (Nov 13)

Double XL

Down on the Corner


Dream Lover (Nov 13)

Drink On It  (Apr 12)

Drinkin Bone Boogie

Drinkin' Wine  (Mar 12)

Drinks For You   (Jul 13)

Duck Soup

Dutchess Hustle (aka Cowboy Hustle)

E Top Of Page


East to West

Easy Boogie (Oct 11)

Easy Cowboy

EeeZee Boogie

Eight Lonely Months  (May 14)

El Paso-Couples (Mar 10)

Everybody Jam

Everybody's Sweetheart  (Sep 12)

Everything I Do (Jan 11)

Explosive  (Oct 12)

Eye Candy

EZ Swing (Dec 09)

EZ Walk Like Rihanna   (Aug 13)

F Top Of Page


Fake ID  (Dec 11)

Faking It  (Jul 13)

Faithfully  (Workshop Jul 12)

Fairy Tales & Love Songs...Whatever!!!  (Workshop Jul 12)

Fall Apart (May 11)

Fallsview Rock

Fault Line  (May 14)

Farm Yard Dance (Sep 09)

Fast Girl   (Feb 13)

Feed The Fetish

Feel Good Rumba

Feel This Moment (Aug 13

Feels Like Love (Aug 13)

Feliz Navidad

Fiesta Cha Cha (Mar 11)

Fighting Those Blue Jeans

Finish What We Started  (Workshop Jul 12)

Fire Drill

First Coast Swing

First Prize Cowboy  (Jun 13)

Flip, Flop & Fly (Nov 10)

Fly High  (Nov 13)

Flying Without Wings  (Dec 11)

Folla Me To Da Floor  (Mar 12)

Fools and Beer

Foot Boogie

Footloose  (Dec 11)

Four on the Floor

Foxy Girl  (Sep 12)

Freak A Little More  (Nov 11)

French Toast Lite  (Mar 12)

Friday Night Cowgirl (June 10)

Friday Night In America

Full Tilt

Funkafied Blues

Fundamental Swing (Jan 12)

G Top Of Page

Gave It All Away (July 10)

Ghost Train

Gin & Tonic  (May 14)

Girls Call the Shots

Give It A Go  (May 13)

Give it Back


Go Greased Lightning

Go Jaded (Jan 11)

Gold Digger  (Oct 12)

Gonna Get Ugly  (Nov 12)

Goodbye (June 09)

Good Girls Gone Bad  (May 13)

Good Morning  (May 14)

Good Rockin' Tonight

Good Time Baby  (Oct 12)

Good Time Jackson

Good Times

Gotta Be Funky

Gotta Be Somebody  (Feb 13)

Gotta Get To You (Sep 09)

Groove Me


H Top Of Page

Had A Bad Day  (Mar 12)

Half Nekkid

Half Past Nothin'  (Aug 12)

Halleluyall (Oct 11)

Hands Up (Jan 10)

Hanyman (July 10)

Happy Radio

Hardwood Stomp

Have Fun Go Mad (Sep 10)

Have You Ever

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Mar 12)

Having A Good Time  (May 13)

He Gotta Go

Heart of an Angel

Heaven Sent (a.k.a. Simplemente)

Heavy Duty Beauty(July 09)

Hello Dolly (Nov 10)

Helluva Polka (June 10)

Here At Last (May 09)

Here Comes The Sunshine (Aug 10)

Here I Come (May 09)

Here’s Looking At You Kid

Hey (Nov 11)

Hey Baby

Hey Ho Alina Boogie

Hey Soul Sister (June 10)

Hey Y'all (Hell Yeah)

Hi-A-Ma Cha  (Feb 12)

Hick Chick

Hickory Lake

High Cotton  (Jan 14)

Higher & Higher

Hillbilly Bone (Jan 10)

Hillbilly Dirty Dance  (Nov 12)

His Only Need (Nov 12)

Hit The Floor  (Mar 14)

Hog Wild

Holding On To Yesterday (July 09)

Hold Me In Your Arms (Apr 10)

Hold My Beer (Jan 11)

Hollywood (Mar 11)

Honey Pie  (Jul 13)

Honky Tonk U

Hooked On Country

How Long


Hurt Me Carefully  (May 13)







































































































































































I Top Of Page

I4C Fun Push (Aug 13)

I Dance

I Don't Want Tonight  (Mar 12)

I Kissed A Girl

I Love Beer(Nov 10)

I Love This Bar

I'm A Tornado  (Oct 12)

I'm In Love With You (Nov 13)

I'm No Good (Mar 11)

Intrigue  (Workshop Jul 12)

If You Walk Away  (Dec 11)

Irish Spirit

Irish Stew

I Run To You - (Sep 10)

I See, I See

Is Baby's Radio On- (Aug 10)

Island Girl

Islands In the Stream

It Hurts

It's Up To You

J Top Of Page

Jailhouse Creole

Jamaican Triple Step

Jesse James (Dec 09)

Johnnie Walker Eyes - (Aug 10)

Jose Cuervo

Jukebox Shot (Dec 09)

Jump On A Ride  (Sep 13)

Jungle Ways

Just Add Moonlight  (May 14)

Just Because

Just Bigger Fish

Just Dance

Just (a baby) Dance

Just LeDoux It

K Top Of Page

Katies Fast One (Mar 10)

Kathie's Mambo (Mar 10)


Key Lime

Key to My Heart

Key West

Kick A Little Dirt  (May 13)

Kick My A**

Kill the Spiders

Knee Deep (Oct 10)

Knockin' On Wood  (Sep 13)

Kowboy Krazy

Krazy  (Jan 13)

Kreedom  (Aug 13)

L Top Of Page

LA 1 Step Couples (Mar 10)

Laid Back 'n Low Key

Last Good Time

Let It Be  (Jun 12)

Let's Chill (Feb 10)

Life Without U

Lift Me Up

Lightning Polka

Like It Rough (Sep 09)

Linda Eh (Apr 10)

Lindy Lou

Little Crush  (May 14)

Little Masculino (May 10)

Little Red Book

Little Rhumba

Little White Church (Nov 10)

L.O.V.E. Love (Sep 09)

Louisiana Swing (Feb 10)

Love Letter Waltz (Jul 11)

Love Sex Magic (Sep 09)

Love Trick

Love Trouble  (Jul 12)

Love Like That (Jan 12)

Love U 2 Much

Love's Kiss  (Dec 12)

Lucky Strike  (Oct 12)

Lupe Lu (May 10)

M Top Of Page

M.C.B.A.   (Jul 13)

Mad 4 It

Madhouse to the Max


Make My Day

Make This Day (Mar 11)

Mamma Maria (Sep 09)

Mamma Maria 4-2 Partner (Oct 10)

Mars Attack

Max Factor

Me And My Gang (May 09)

Mean   (Jun 13)

Mess Around (May 09)

Messy Little Raindrops  (Workshop  Jul 12)

Mexi-Fest   (Jul 13)

Mighty Fine  (Jan 14)

Mister In-between

Mmm Bop

Mmm Yeah  (May 14)


Mojo Mambo (Oct 11)


Monster In The Mirror (Aug 11)

Moonlight Kiss (July 09)

Moonlight Madness (Apr 10)

More At The Door (Mar 11)

More Love (Jun 11)

Moves Like Jagger (Aug 11)

Moves Like Jagger(Beg) (Jan 12)

Mr. Goodtime  (Mar 12)

Mr. Pinstripe

Murder My Heart (Jun 11)

My Girl Sally (Feb 09)

My Give A Damn's Busted

My Lollipop

My Maria

My New Life

My One Desire

My Veronica

N Top Of Page

Navigation  (Mar 14)

Need To Be Naughty  (Nov 13)

New York 2 LA  (Feb 14)

Nineteen Seventy Nine (Aug 09)

No Llores  (Mar 12)

No Man's Land  (Sep 13)

No Way Jose

No Superman (Jan 12)

Not Like That

Nothing On But The Radio  (Mar 12)

O Top Of Page

Oh Sweet Cowboy

Oh Suzannah  (Jun 12)


One More Night  (Dec 11)

One More Time

One Of The Boys

One Step Further  (May 14)

On the Water

Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Ooo Aah

Outta Control   (Feb 13)

Over the Rainbow

P Top Of Page

Paradise City  (Mar 14)

Party For Two

Party Freak (Jul 11)

Party Time

Peaches and Cream

People Like Us   (Jul 13)

Pepiti Pepito

Perfect! (Mar 11)

Pieces Don’t Fit


Please Be Gentle (June 10)

Poker Face (May 2009)

Pontoon  (Sep 12)

Pop (Mar 12)

Post Code Envy  (Nov 13)

Pray (Oct 10)

Pretty Good (Sep 10)

Prison Break

Pround Mary Burnin'(Nov 11)

Purr Kitty (Aug 11)

Put Down The Gun  (Jan 14)

Put On Your Dancin' Boots

Q Top Of Page

Quarter After One (Apr 10)

Quarter To Six (Feb 11)

R Top Of Page

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O  (May 14)

Raise Your Glass (Feb 11)

RattleSnake Cafe

Ready To Roll (Aug 11)

Rebel Amor

Rebel Moon (June 10)

Red High Heels (Mar 11)

Red High Heels For 2 - Partner (Sep 10)

Red Hot Rock N Roller

Red Hot Salsa

Red Solo Cup  (Jan 12)

Redneck Angel (Jul 11)

Reggae Cowboy

Remember Me (Aug 11)

Remember That(Feb 14)

Return to Sender

Rhyme or Reason (Feb 10)

Ride Em Cowboy

Ride the Clouds

Rings For Two - Partner (May 10)


Rockaway  (May 12)

Rock Paper Scrissors  (Sep 12)

Rock and Roll

Rock This Party

Rock With You (May 09)

Rockin' Wagon Wheel (Feb 13)

Rollin' With The Flow

Roomba (June09)

Rose Garden

Run Devil Run (Oct 11)

Run, Run To You  (Mar 13)

S Top Of Page

Sag, Drag & Fall (July 09)



Samba In The Sun  (Nov 12)

Santa Fe - Partner (July 10)

S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul (Aug 10)

Sea Salt Sally

Sea You Again  (Nov 12)

See You Tonite  (Mar 14)

Second Hand Tequila (Aug 12)

See The Day (Sep 10)

Senorita (Jan 10)

Set Fire To The Rain (May 12)

Sexy Chick (Jan 10)

Sexy Thing (Dec 09)

Sexy Tractor


Shaggin' For Couples(Aug 10)

Shake It For Me (Jun 11)

Shake The Room!  (Apr 13)

Shanghai Surprise (Nov 10)

She And I  (Mar 14)

She Believes

She Comes To Me (Apr 11)

She's Walkin' On Me (Mar 12)

She's Country (June 09)

She's a Firecracker

Shoes Of Another Man (June 10)

Shopping (Sep 09)

Shotgun Jenny  (Nov 12)

ShowStopper (Aug 13)

Shuffle Rock

Shuffle With You Cowboy Hat

Shy Waltz

Silver Lining  (Jan 14)

Silver Star

Simply Shuffle (Sep 09)

Sixteen Step Couples (Mar 10)

Ski Bumpus

Skiffle Time  (Dec 12)

Skinny Dippin (Aug 09)

Slappin Leather

Slam (Workshop Jul 12)

Sleazy Slide

Slip Away (Nov 11)

Slow Romance (May 09)

Small Knee Deep (Feb 11)

Snap Your Fingers (Sep 10)

So Glamorous

So Sexxy (Sep 10)

Smash It (Jan 10)

Smile! (Apr 10)

Soakin' Wet

Some Beach

Somebody's Somebody

Something In The Air  (Dec 13)

Something In The Water (Feb 12)

Somewhere In My Car  (Sep 13)

Somewhere With You(Dec 10)

Soul Fire  (Dec 12)

Soul Man (July 10)

Southern Delight

Speak With Your Heart (June09)

Springsteen  (Jul 12)

Stamina (Apr 10)


Start to Sway

Stays In Mexico

Still Waters

Stolen Kisses  (Aug 13)

Stoned  (Aug 13)

Stuck On Brooklyn (Feb 11)

Stuck On You  (Nov 13)

Straight To Memphis  (Workshop Jul 12)

Stripes  (Nov 13)

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Stronger  (Mar 12)

Strung Out (May 10)


Sugar Lips

Sugar Sugar

Suit & Tie  (Apr 13)

Summer Celebration  (Aug 13)

Sunday Driver

Sunset Mambo (Jun 11)

Sunshine & Rain

Superstar    (Jun 13)

Surly Boogie


Suzanne  (May 13)

Swamp Thing

Sweet Tea Partner (Oct 10)

Sweetheart Schottische Partner (Apr 10)

Swingin' Thing

T Top Of Page


Tail Gating

Take U Home  (Nov 11)

Takin' My Time

Talia's Dance (Aug 11)

Talkin To The Moon (Apr 11)

Tango Cha

Tango De Pasion  (Mar 13)

Tango With the Sheriff


Teach Me How To Diffie!  (Jan 13)

Teardrops & Whispers (Jan 10)

Technicolor Kisses  (Apr 13)

Telepathy (Jun 11)

Tell Me Baby (Sep 09)

Tell Me Why (May 09)

Tennessee Run (Feb 11)

Tennessee Waltz Surprise (Dec 09)

Tennessee Waltz Surprise 4-2 (Aug 10) Partner


Texas Two Step Partner (Apr 10)

Thanks A Lot

The Flute (Jun 11)

The Fox  (Nov 13)

The Little White Church (Sep 10)

The McGraw Stroll - Partner (Aug 10)

The One For Me

The One For Me - Partner (May 10)

The Peabody

The Shadow-Couples (Mar 10)

The Shooter-Couples (Apr 10)

The Waltz-Couples (Apr 10)

The Way You Look  (Feb 14)

There Goes My Heart - Partner (June 10)

Things We Do (Jul 11)

This & That (Aug 10)

This Is Me  (Dec 13)

This Ole Boy   (Oct 12)

This Little Light

Through The Fire (Aug 12)

Throw Away The Key  (Sep 13)

Timber  (Feb 14)

Time Bomb  (Sep 12)


Timeless (Aug 10)

TKO II (Apr 10)

Toes (May 09)

Toes For Two - Partner (May 10)

Too Drunk To Karoke (Aug 13)

"T & A" Toes & A-- Partner (Oct 10)

Trailerhood (Oct 10)

Treasure   (Mar 13)

Trendin'   (Mar 13)

Trespassing  (May 13)

Trickle Trickle  (Nov 13)

Triple Play (Jul 11)

Trip Around the Sun

True Step Two Step - (Aug 10)

Turbo Twang

Tush Push

Twilight Schottische - Partner (May 10)

Twinkle (Nov 12)

Two Step  (Aug 13)

U Top Of Page

U Turn


Under The Sun (Aug 10)

Unmistakable  (Feb 12)

Until The End (June 10)

Up A Notch (Nov 10)

Up Country

Upside Down

V Top Of Page

Valentino (Jan 11)

Viva La Vida

Voodoo Jive  (May 13)

Voodoo Jive 32  (May 13)

W Top Of Page

Wade In The Water (June 10)

Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Rock  (May 13)

Waka Waka (Dec 10)

Wake Up Little Susie  (Jun 12)

Walk Like Rihanna  (Aug 13)

Walk the Line

Walking Away  (Jun 12)

Walking Backwards

Walking In High Cotton (Feb 11)

Walking On Air

Waltz Across Texas

Waltz N Smile (Sep 09)

Wanna Be Elvis (June 09)

Wanna Wanna Woop  (Sep 12)

Wasted Days (Aug 10)

Watermelon Crawl

Wave On Wave

Way Up Yonder

We Are Tonight  (Feb 14)

We Own The Night(Jan 12)

We Speak No Americano - (Feb 11)

We're Walking Backwards - Partner (Dec 10)

Western Stomp

What Am I To You  (Sep 12)

What Happens On The Dance Floor (Mar 11)

What Y'All Came To Do

Whiskey Girl (Mar 11)

White Rose For Two - Partner (Aug 10)

Without Fire  (May 12)

Wild Horses (Mar 10)

Wild West Boogie


Wingman  (Mar 14)

Womanizer 2(Feb 09)

Won't Let Go (May 11)

Wonderland Waltz (Oct 10)

Work It Out (July 10)

Workin' For a Livin'

Wow Toyko (Aug 13)

Wrecked  (Apr 12)

Y Top Of Page

Yee Haw

Yellow Diamonds  (Aug 12)

You Lied To Me  (Mar 13)

Your Honey Bee (Oct 11)

Yours Alone  (Workshop Jul 12)

You're Amazing (Jan 11)

Z Top Of Page

Zjozzy's Funk

Zydeco Lady   (Sep 12)