Bad Girl That Girl
Donna Manning (Sept 2013)
That Girl by Jennifer Nettles

32 count intro after heavy beat

Sec. 1 (1-8) Rhumba Box
1,2,3,4    Step R to R side, Step L together with R, Step R back, pause on 4 as you slide L to R
5,6,7,8    Step L to L side, Step R together with L, Step L fwrd, touch R to L (12:00)

Sec. 2 (9-16) Side, Together, ¼ , Pause, Step, ¼ , Cross, Pause
1,2,3,4    Step R to R side, L together with R, ¼ turn R stepping R fwrd, pause (3:00)
5,6,7,8    Step L fwrd, ¼ turn R, Cross L over R, pause (6:00)

Sec. 3 (17-24) Weave, Kick, Behind, Side, Cross
1,2,3,4    R to R side, L behind R, R to R side, L cross over R (6:00)
5,6,7,8    Kick R to diagonal (7:30), Step R behind L, L to L side, Cross R over L (6:00)

Sec. 4 (25-32) Kick, Behind, Side, Step, Step, ¼ Turn L
1,2,3,4    Kick L to diagonal (4:30), Step L behind R, R to R side, Step L fwrd
5, 6-7-8  Step R fwrd on 5, as you hip roll counterclockwise ¼ turn L for 6-7 taking weight to L on 8 (3:00)

TAG: After wall 3 facing 9:00 and then again after wall 9 facing 3:00
Basic Bachata – Go to the R on the first 4 counts back to the L on 5-8
Side, together, side, touch(with hip lift), Side, together, side, touch (with hip lift)


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