Blurry Lines
Beginner / Improver (Funky Styling)
Alison Johnstone (Nuline dance) June 2013
“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke FJ Pharrell & T (iTunes)

Start: 32 counts - *NO TAGS OR RESTARTS*

(1-9) Step, Touch, Step Touch, Point Side, Hitch Across Knee, Point Side, Small Weave
1, 2      Step diagonally forward Right, Touch Left next to Right
3, 4      Step diagonally forward Left, Touch Right next to Left
5, 6, 7  Point Right Side, Hitch Right knee across Left, point Right Side
8&1      Step Right behind Left, Step Left to side, Step Right in front of Left (small steps)
(Nice long points think funky and small steps on the weave as its fast)

(10-17) Point Side, Hitch Across Knee, Cross Shuffle, Step Side, Step Behind, ¼ Turn Shuffle (3 O’clock)
2, 3      Point Left Side, Hitch Left knee across Right (nice funky attitude)
4&5    Cross left over Right, Step Right to Side, Cross Left over Right (Cross Shuffle)
6, 7     Step Right to side, Step Left behind Right
8&1    ¼ turn Right stepping Right forward, Step Left beside Right, Step Right forward (Shuffle)

(18-25) Rock Fwd, Recover, Run Run Run Back, Back Rock, Recover, Run Run Run Forward
2, 3     Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right
4&5    Run BACK Left, Right, Left (Small steps funky and fast.. -Hey hey hey)
6, 7     Rock back on Right, Recover Left
8&1    Run forward Right, Left, Right (Small steps funky and fast….Hey hey hey)

(26-32) Step Forward Left, Pivot ¼ Over Right, Cross Shuffle, Sway Right, Recover, Touch
2, 3    Step forward on Left, Pivot ¼ over Right
4&5   Cross left over Right, Step Right to Side, Cross Left over Right (Cross Shuffle- Hey hey hey)
6,7,8   Step Right to Side swaying hips to side, Recover Left swaying hips to Left, Touch Right beside Left

Start Again

This Dance Is Dedicated to Deb from Beginners class who gave me this music when it came out as she wanted to dance to it and thought I would love it ?
Have fun dancing and for some as a split floor to the “big dance” by Rachael and Arjay.