Can't You See (You Belong With Me)

Choreographed by: Rose Malinconico (Jun 09)
Music: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift (CD: Fearless)
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance
Start 16 counts in on lyrics 
Vine Right, Vine 2, 1/2 Turn Left, Scuff 
1-4 Step Right to right side, step left behind right, step right to right side, touch left next to right  
5-6 Step left to left side, step right behind left  
7-8 Turn 1/2 left stepping left, scuff right 
Step Touch, Step Touch, Right Lock Step, Scuff 
1-2 Step right forward (slight diagonal), touch left next to right 
3-4 Step left back (slight diagonal), touch right next to left 
5-8 Step right forward, step left behind right, step right forward, scuff left  
1/4 Turn Left Lock Step, Scuff, Step 1/2 Pivot Left, Step, Hold 
1-4 Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward, step right behind left, step left forward, scuff right 
5-8 Step forward right, turn 1/2 left (weight on left), step right forward, hold 
Full Turn Right, Hold, Skate Right, Skate Left 
1-4 Turn 1/2 right stepping left back, turn 1/2 right stepping right forward, step left forward, hold 
OPTION: 1-4 Walk forward left, right, left, hold 
5-8 Slide right to right side, hold, slide left to left side, hold 
End of Dance - Repeat and ENJOY!!