Celtic Cross

Choreographed by Dan Testa

Description: 32 count, partner/circle dance
Music: Calling Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks
  American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set) by Bill Whelan
  Celtic Kittens by Ronan Hardiman
Position: Sweetheart Position facing LOD
  When done to "American Wake", wait sixteen counts before starting. The music speeds up to 154 after sixteen counts of the fifth pattern.


1&2 Left shuffle forward
3&4 Right shuffle forward
5&6 Left shuffle forward
7&8 Right shuffle forward


9,10 Step forward left, pivot turn right
11 Step left in place
12 Cross right foot in front of left leg at knee level
13&14 Right shuffle forward
15&16 Left shuffle forward


17,18 Step forward right, pivot turn left
19 Step right in place
20 Cross left foot in front of right leg at knee level
21&22 Left shuffle forward
23&24 Right shuffle forward


25,26 Step left forward and across right, scuff right
27,28 Step right forward and across left, scuff left
29-32 Repeat counts 25-28