Fairy Tales & Love Songs.....Whatever!!!
Guyton Mundy (USA)
Payphone by Maroon 5

32 count intro - No arms, no tags, no restarts.

[1-9] Walks X2, side rock recover cross, side rock recover rock, recover, shuffle back
1-2  Walk forward on right, walk forward on left
&3-4  rock right out to right, recover on left, cross right over left
&5-6  rock left out to left, recover on right, rock forward on left
7  recover on right
8&1  shuffle back left, right, left

[10-16] ½ turn, shuffle forward, side, together, cross, side, together, cross,
2make a ½ turn over right stepping forward on right
3&4  shuffle forward left, right, left
5-6&  step right to right side, step left together with right, cross right over left
7-8&  step left to left side, step together with right. Cross left over right

[18-24] ¼ turn, walk, ½ turn pivot, walks X3, rock recover back,
1make a ¼ turn to right stepping forward on right
2-3  walk forward on left, make a ½ turn pivot to the right stepping forward on right
4-5-6  walk forward on left, walk forward on right, walk forward on left
7&8  rock forward on right, recover on left, step back on right

[25-32] ¼ turn rock, recover, ¼ turn, ½ turn, back X2, ½ turn triple
1-2  make a ¼ turn to left rocking left to left side, recover on right
3-4  make a ¼ turn to left stepping forward on left. Make a ½ turn to left stepping back on right
5-6  walk back on left, walk back on right
7&8  make a ½ turn over left as you shuffle left, right, left

Have fun!!! Guyton

Contact: www.Funk-n-line.com