Fast Girl
John Huffman (Dec 2012)
Fastest Girl in Town By Miranda Lambert (album: Four the Record)

Intro: Dance starts after 32 counts, Weight on L

Vine R, Scuff, 1/2 “K-Step”
1-2     Step R to side, Step L behind R
3-4     Step R to side, Scuff L next to R
5-6     Step L diagonally fwd, Touch R next to L
7-8     Step R diagonally fwd, Touch L next to R (12:00)

1/2 “K-Step”, Vine L, 1/4, Scuff
1-2     Step L diagonally back, Touch R next to L
3-4     Step R diagonally back, Touch L next to R
5-6     Step L to side, Step R behind L
7-8     Turning 1/4 L step L fwd, Scuff R next to L (9:00)

Step, Lock. Step, Scuff, Walk back, Touch
1-2      Step R fwd, Lock L behind R
3-4      Step R fwd, Scuff L next to R
5-6      Step L back, Step R back
7-8      Step L back, Touch R fwd (9:00)

Rock, Recover, Step, 1/4, Hip Bumps
1-2     Rock back on R, Recover to L
3-4     Step R fwd, Pivot 1/4 L (weight to L)
5&6    Bump hips R,L,R
7&8    Bump hips L,R,L (6:00)

Tag : At the end of Wall 1 (6:00)
1-2     Bump hip R, Bump hip L

Toward the end of the song there is a spot where the music almost stops, just dance on through it.

Repeat, Have FUN!!!