Jamaican Triple Step

Choreographed by Ron Boorman

Description: 32 count, line/contra dance
Music: Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) by Ottawan
                       Limbo Lady by The Dean Brothers 


1&2 Left shuffle to left (left-right-left)
3-4 Rock back on right, rock forward on left
5&6 Right shuffle to right (right-left-right)
7-8 Rock back on left, rock forward on right
9&10 Left shuffle forward
11-12 Step forward right turn left, in place left
13&14 Right shuffle forward
15&16 Left shuffle forward
17&18 Right shuffle forward
19-20 Step forward left turn right, in place right
21-22 Rock forward left, rock back right
23&24 Shuffle in place (left-right-left)
25-26 Rock back on right, forward left turning turn left
27&28 Shuffle in place (right-left-right)
29-30 Rock back on left, forward on right
31-32 Left together with right, clap