Jim Criger (Oct 2012)
Crazy by Lumidee (feat. Pitbull) iTunes

[1-9] Jazz Triangle, Cross and Cross, ¼ Pivot, Samba
1-2-3    Step R over L, step L back, step R out to right
4&5      Cross L over R, step R out to R, cross L over R
6-7        Step R forward, ¼ pivot left (9:00)
8 &1       Cross R over L, rock L out to L, step R in place

[10-17] Samba ¼ L, Step Forward, Full Spiral, Triple Forward, Rock Recover ¼
2 &3       Cross L over R, rock R out to R with ¼ turn left (6:00), step L in place
4-5          Step R forward, rotate ½ left stepping L back completing full spiral turn right
6&7         Step R forward, step L next to R, step R forward
8&1         Rock L forward, recover R, step L out to left turning ¼ left (3:00) and sway hips left

[18-25] Sway, Sway, Chasse R, ¾ Pivot, Chasse L
2-3          Sway hips right, sway hips left
4&5        Step R to right, step L next to R, step R to right
6-7          Step L forward, turn ¾ right onto R (12:00)
8&1         Step L to left, step R next to L, step L to left

[26-32&] Scuff R, Touch R Out, Swivel ¼ Left with sit, Stand Up, Crossing Triple, Rock Recover
2-3           Scuff R heel up, touch ball of R out to right turning R knee out
4-5           Bend knees turning ¼ left (9:00) sitting back on R, straighten knees to stand up position (weight on R)
6&7        Cross step L over R, step R out to right, cross step L over R
8&          Rock R out to right, recover L

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This dance took 1st place in Non-Country Choreography at Dancin’ Up A Storm 2012