Shaggin’ for Couples

Music- Shaggin on the Boulevard by Alabama

Originally choreographed by “Speedo” in 1997
Updated by Bill Gibson and Sue Doherty in 2010
A 40 count dance for couples in sweetheart position

Rock, recover, shuffle, Rock, recover, ¾ turn
1-2 Rock forward on left heel, Step back onto right
3&4 Shuffle backwards (LRL)
5-6 Rock backward on right, step forward on left
7&8 Shuffle (RLR) Lady turns ¾ to face outside line of dance
Man turns ¼ as he shuffles to face outside LOD, behind lady

Mambo steps, side step, shuffle
1&2 Mambo left
3&4 Mambo right
5-6 Step left to the side, step right next to left
7&8 Side shuffle (LRL) both ½ turn facing inside line of dance
Lady behind man

Side steps, shuffle, rock steps
1-2 Step right to right, step left next to right
3&4 Side shuffle (RLR) Both ¼ turn facing forward line of dance
5-6 Rock forward on left, recover on right
7-8 Rock backward on left, recover on right

Step, Lock Shuffle
1-2 Step left forward at an angle, lock right foot behind left
3&4 Shuffle forward at angle (LRL)
5-6 Step right forward at angle, lock left foot behind right
7&8 Shuffle forward at angle (RLR)

Step, Pivot, Shuffle, Step Pivot, Shuffle
1-2 Step left forward, pivot ½ turn on to right (back line of dance)
3&4 Shuffle (LRL)
5-6 Step right forward, pivot ½ turn on left (forward line of dance)
7&8 Shuffle forward (RLR)

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